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For Travel Agency, Pickup for tourist go to trip spot, Goods delivery Air Crew shuttle transportation from the hotel or from home to the airport,

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Pentoz Taxi App is Online Transportation System
Exclusive passenger shuttle application with GPS is made for those of you who want to provide convenient and practical transportation services for your own version as the owner. Service your customers with intelligence features for your company/travel agency. and order management that is simple, practical, focused on the order of the services.


  • For Travel Agency
  • Pickup for tourist go to trip spot
  • Goods delivery (Expedition service business)
  • Air Crew shuttle transportation from the hotel or from home to the airport
  • Car Rental
  • Product distribution etc.

This application system is Fully Fronted and Backend management for cloud-based and self-hosted (Not plugins for CMS), you can install it on your VPS, Hosting, or webserver support PHP & MYSQL programs. You just have to install the full source and create an SQL database for data storage.
When Develop an app for android or iOS source must using web view to showing the page from the website
Please change the logo and application name according to your company name or your brand, there are installation and usage tutorials that help you understand how the whole works.
You can change the Price rate per one Km for any vehicle Services car, motorcycle, cargo,
Designed for cross-platform so you can make it for Android, iPhone, Windows app, and smartwatch applications after this app system already online in your servers

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